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the humour(tm) section
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this is the humour(tm) section. this is a place for you, the frustrated sarcastic, witty, funny-as-quadriplegics-screwing bastard/bastardette, to write funny shit. please write funny things. more funny, more good. satire, comedic commentary, *RANTS*, fake adverts and the like are welcome. you will be loved and adored by the masses.

however, this is a list of things you should not write here:

* useless information "well, today i went and ate some ice cream. then i had an enema." don't need to know it. i use lj for self-absorbed stuff as much as the next bloke. just don't do it here.

* mindless cursing. don't get me wrong, tasteless stuff is fine. use the word "fuck." i don't fucking care. but if your "humour" involves using the word "fuck" 932 times, interspersed with misspelled words hither and yon, this isn't the place for you.

* poor english. i'm not expecting perfect grammar. hell, i don't use capital letters often. but don't write something lik leukz lick dis yo, dat iz reel stoopizd;

* mindless critiques. this little community could be a nice place to hone our collective written work. critiques will hopefully be an important part of this little slice of heaven. however, critiques that simply say "this sucks dude" are useless, and will be deleted. let's come together america (*star spangled banner plays here*).

* mullets. wait wait wait...mullets are ok. i heart mullets.

that's it...hope you all dig.

-jjo's (http://jjostm.livejournal.com)